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Why and how did we fall in love with what we’re doing?

How France of a Lifetime Began

One cold blustery night in Paris, Ben and I were strolling through a makeshift wooden chalet village, our gloved hands cupping hot mulled wine, looking at various handmade Christmas gifts on offer. Behind the night market, ice skaters giggled as they circled the rink in front of the Seine River and the sparkling Eiffel Tower beyond. We both stopped suddenly and looked at each other.

“Maybe we could move here!?!”

It was 2010. I don’t remember who said it first, but the dream began there, in that magical moment. My inherent interest in France turned to an obsession. I soaked up everything I could get my hands on about life in France. By 2015, we were planning an epic 6 week adventure beyond Paris, to determine if we really did want to move to France.

Six Magical Weeks Exploring France

I researched for months. Back then, Trip Advisor wasn’t selling tours and activities so directly and I would spend all my free hours in forums, comparing other’s itineraries to create the perfect one for us. It seriously took 6 months of my life to plan 6 weeks in a foreign country. But you know what? I loved every second of it! I love puzzles and that’s exactly what trip planning is. Each piece needs to fit together perfectly.

You know what else?

The trip was logistically flawless. Starting outside Paris with a car to explore historical and gorgeous castles near the city; then by train to Avignon to pick up another car where we drove to experience the incredible Carcassonne; then back to Provence just in time for full on lavender season… Every single ticket purchased in advance, every apartment, every train, every restaurant reservation was perfect for us.

Does this mean everything went perfectly? Not necessarily, but the things that went “wrong” have now become our favorite memories! Like the GPS guiding us to the Roman Aqueduct, Pont du Gard, via a narrow path through a farmer’s field. Or accidentally meeting the wrong Airbnb host on the street of Versailles, who then let us into an unfamiliar apartment where I took a shower while the actual guests waited below. (So sorry!)

These experiences are part of what makes travel so exciting and fulfilling. It takes one out of their comfort zone and essentially forces the traveler to be in the present moment, adapt quickly and laugh at themselves often. I truly believe everyone should have an opportunity to travel internationally at least once in their life.

It occurred to me after we got home that I love planning trips and I’m pretty good at it due to my ability to see both the big picture and all the intricate details at the same time. How everything fits together. I also realized that might be pretty rare. Not everyone can do that. And of those who can, most probably don’t have the time or inclination. A seed was planted with that trip that eventually grew into France of a Lifetime Tours, when we were able to achieve our dream of moving here in March 2022.

Now we have the distinct pleasure of watching our clients stroll, hand in hand, along a garden path blooming with a rainbow of flowers outside of a picturesque fairy tale castle, as they begin hatching new dreams of their own.

Your Adventure Your Way

We believe that your vacation should be as unique as you are. Beyond crafting itineraries, we’re creators of experiences, artisans of adventure. Imagine each destination as a brushstroke on your journey’s canvas. It’s like crafting a story, where you’re the central character.

Envision France as the backdrop, seamlessly interwoven with your narrative. This is more than travel; it’s an alchemy, where the spirit of France and your dreams and passions merge to craft a love story that’s singularly yours.

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