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Champagne Cheers Overlooking the Eiffel Tower Paris France

Understanding French Etiquette: Debunking the ‘French Are Rude’ Myth for Travelers

Unlock French charm with our crash course in etiquette and phrases for first-time visitors to ensure you never say the French are rude!
Palace of Versailles France on European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days in Versailles France

European Heritage Days in France celebrates cultural appreciation and the preservation of history, with access to unique sites — some closed to the public and most at a discounted price....
Pont du Gard Roman Architectural Triumph

Pont du Gard: A Timeless Marvel of Roman Engineering in Provence

Journey through history at the awe-inspiring Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman masterpiece in Provence. Uncover its rich history, ingenious engineering, and discover tips for a magical visit, including kayaking...

A Glimpse Inside The Maison des Compagnons

The Maison des Compagnons ensures the survival of traditional handcrafted and highly-skilled trades, in a modern world that often overlooks the beauty and value of time-honored craftsmanship.
Mont-Saint-Michel at Sunrise

Mont-Saint-Michel: A Living Chronicle of French History

Nestled on the border of Normandy and Brittany, like a fairy tale castle rising from the sea, stands the enchanting Mont-Saint-Michel. This timeless tidal island has beckoned travelers for centuries,...
LPC Dordogne Holidays Pool with a View

LPC Dordogne Holidays: The Perfect Getaway for Couples!

Explore a haven of romance and relaxation amidst the captivating French countryside at LPC Dordogne Holidays!